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About Me


I'm Tesni, also known as Botanical Babe. I have been obsessed with houseplants since I went to university. My collection grew from a few cacti from my Nonno to around 150 plants in my last count. With the growth of my collection also came knowledge and understanding of how to keep these plants alive. It was a lot of trail and error but I love to learn and learning about plant care has been my favourite thing. 

As I was a student and like most student I didn't have a lot of money. I began to learn ways of making Houseplant collecting cheaper and easier than I had seen others do. This brought me to starting my own instagram page to show my houseplants and the tips and tricks I use to keep them alive! I have gained a love for this community and knew that I wanted to somehow add even more love and enjoyment for plants to the Community and to the people who didn't know the first thing about keeping houseplants.

At the start of 2020 I was studying a Masters in Public History and Heritage, wanting to pursue a career in Public History and teaching people about how fun and exciting history can be! 

As we all know, the pandemic and lockdown hit us hard in March. This forced me to reevaluate what I was doing as I knew that carrying on my Masters when I was not able to do my placement or have access to archives in the crucial final terms of the course, I made to decision that I should take a year out of the course until I was able to participate properly. 

Anyway... im not someone who can sit around a do nothing so I decided to spend more time on my houseplant obsession and instagram. I then started selling a few propagations of my plants on Etsy with care guides about how to look after them. 
This turned from a few orders to an amount I would have never dreamed of and I was enjoying it so much. 

I knew that selling houseplants and care guides was the next step for me.. and here I am. I have opened my own Plant Shop in Llandudno, continue selling on Etsy but now, this website. 

It will always be a work in process as I want to constantly add new care guides, tip and tricks and of course new plants! 

Thanks for reading and thank you for being part of this crazy planty journey I've found myself on!