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Marble Queen Pothos

Care Information 

Light - Indirect, Medium - Low
Water - Water when the soil is completely dry. 
Humidity - These plants love humidity and will thrive with it but they can tolerate low humidity environments.

Other Information
Good with neglect
Trailing Plant 
Toxic to pets 

Pot Size - 12cm 
Height - 15cm

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Customer Reviews

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Sarah Myers
Stunning Queen

Another beaut of a plant, thanks so much x

hannah anderson

I am so happy with this! the plant looks so healthy, so much more beautiful in real life too. I would buy another plant from here in a heartbeat! The only thing i would change is maybe sticking live plant stickers across the box along with the fragile stickers, I could tell the handlers had tipped the box upside down a couple of times and it was a bit messy to open. Other than that absolutely perfect, you should be so proud of your shop!!