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Botanical Babe Houseplants

Medium Plant Mystery Box

Medium Plant Mystery Box

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3 plants in each box. 

All easy care with instructions on how to keep them alive!
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Customer Reviews

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Lovely unique gift

I bought a Medium Plant Mystery Box for my Aunts birthday which is just before Christmas, she loves her plants and I’ve always been impressed with the quality of Botanical Babe Houseplants. My Aunt was thrilled and said they were packed really well and loved the quality of the plants.
I was contacted by the shop about packaging (heat pads etc) before the box was sent off during the cold snap we had as there was a concern about the cold harming the plants on the journey and to possibly delay until temp rose which to me shows how well looked after the plants are and the care they are shown. Would highly recommend, plants are very high quality and I’ve never been disappointed.
The mystery box makes a lovely gift for a loved one or even for yourself

Gemma Eley
Could have been better

Parcel arrived very late and I had to email enquiring when plants would arrive. Seller was apologetic and offered a free small plant as package was late, however small plant was never added to the parcel. Not a massive issue, but like I said could have been better. Aside from this all plants arrived securely packaged and are in great condition. Would buy again as I understand how easy it is for this to happen.

Leon Meliniotis
Great Plants!

I found the plants came earlier than I expected and they came in great condition too! Would 110% order again

Needs Easier Care Guides

Beautiful plants and great idea. However, as a black thumb ( I’ve killed English ivy) I don’t think the easy care guide is detailed enough for me. I was really hoping for very specific instructions. I don’t know how to tell if soil is 50% dry. I was hoping for water x amount every x week with tears of your enemy. Bath in moon light on eclipses. I’m trying real hard, but they might not make it. Great for people who already speak beginner plant.