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Oxalis Trangularis

Care Information 

Light - Loves bright direct light 
Water - Let soil dry out between waterings
Humidity - Moderate to high 

Other Information
Toxic to pets 
Light sensitive, leaves will close up at night time

Pot Size - 10cm 
Height - 25m

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Victoria Ross
My absolute favorite!!

I didn't really know what to expect being fairly new to expanding my house plant collection, literally just a couple of indestructibles before I discovered this shop! But this is my absolute favorite plant it just makes me so happy! Not only is it beautiful, it's leaves track the sun as well as closing at night and opening again in the morning. And when there's a breeze it just bobs about! It is a bit 'leggy' but I've put it in a deeper outer pot which helps to prop everything up ...oh yeh and the little purple flowers are gorgeous too!

miss Rudd
so pretty

it's so pretty arrived well wrapped and protected ,very healthy all it needed was a drink and now it's sat on the side sprouting flowers